Monday, 18 April 2011

Random happy, shopping, interiors & a missed package....

Oh how my little one loves ice ceeeeem!

And hanging on this bar until his arms are about to pop out of the sockets!
Good times.

I, on the other hand am VERY partial to bright yellow daffs.....

Buying cushions.....

And zooshing the house.

Sometimes I can't sleep because I am trying to solve a styling dilemma! Yup, that's how boring my life is right now. What to do with the bedroom? It's not quite coming together as I would like.....

I feel like everything I had in the flat just doesn't work in this house because it is such a bigger space. It all looks a bit swamped.

Renee or Holly - I need your help!
Just as well these style queens will both be visiting Chez Cardiff soon.

P.S. I am gutted as I missed the mail today so will have to drag my sorry self to the mail depot to collect my Sakura necklace!


  1. I hate missing a delivery, I will actually sulk about it!;D
    Your little boy is uber cute!
    Sarah xx

  2. I cannot wait to spend hours pondering over styling, you are already perfection but there are always things to move, shelves to change, cushions to plump, zooshing and sleep depriving decisions to be made - more fun with two pondering!! Can't wait Chez Cardiff....too exciting xx gutted bout the mail though, hate that xx


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