Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This cookie is bigger than my head!

Sisterly bonding has really stepped up a notch this week as Abby returns to NZ tomorrow (sob!)

Eeep! Abby

Today we decided to go visit the cool kids in East London.

Tubing to Liverpool Street and popping up in the East you feel like you are a long way from SW6!
Straight away I feel inspired and excited. There is candy for my eyes all around.

I had heard a lot of good things about Caravan so we decided to make that our first stop.
I have to say ummmmmm slightly disappointed. Bummer eh? The shop seemed very low on stock and not really styled that well. I really really wanted to buy something, but I actually could not find anything to buy. Dumb!

So we continue our stroll down Redchurch Street, wow wow loving this area. We pop into Albion for a flat white (Yip yip!) and a gigantic cookie, honestly, bigger than my head kinda size.

Abby very excited by massive cookies!

Fresh & lovely breads

Fully satisfied and on a bit of a caffine high, we stumble across Labour & Wait.

Brilliant brilliant! Balls and balls of STRING! Red string, white string, brown string, I heart string A LOT. I end up buying a ball of red and a large ball of natural on a clever holder which has a cutting blade, plus another french market bag.

Furniture etc. at Spitalfields

Our meander takes us down Brick Lane. We consider stopping for a curry but the sun has decided to shine today so we opt for a salad from Giraffe and a nice glass of Spy Valley sav.

Home now and I am considering my purchases........string.

All the way to Shoreditch and all I come home with is string. Ha!


Here is a little P.S.
A few pics from earlier on in the week.....

Outside my fav pub The Crabtree

Say cheese little man!

Blossoms in my 'hood

My kitchen display

Fulham Palace gorgeousness


  1. Hej Jo

    Ahh what a wonderful time you've had with your sister. STRING lol! That did make me laugh, but I love string and bakers twine and brown paper packaging too...memories of playing shops as a child me thinks ;-)
    Aww bless Max on his super cool bike!
    Ahhh Blossom, still none of the trees here yet...almost I reckon by the end of the month...
    LOVE your kitchen display, SNAP (same flour and bread bins)
    Wishing your sister safe travels home.
    LOVE PEACE enJOY the magnificent weather

  2. what a shame Caravan didn't live up to expectations, their website is SO cool....

    So glad you made it to Labour & Wait, this is another one of my favs that I never got too; love that you loved it :)

    Its looking quite warm over there, its getting really cold (well it is today) here :( xxx


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