Sunday, 9 September 2012

Diary of an abdominoplasty - 5 days post

I wanted to write this while it was all still fresh in my mind.
I am home now. I was in hospital for 4 nights and it is a joy to be back home with the kids and Rich.
Sooooo how was it? Pretty brutal actually.
I know in a week or so I will feel like it has all been worth it. But, if I didn't have the hernia complicating things and I knew then what I know now, I'm not so sure I would have gone through with it.
Day one post was a bit of a blur. Tramadol will do that to you! I think I managed to eat and maybe get out of bed. I remember dreaming about running and trying to find the perfect pair of jeans.
Day two post, still on a high. Physio-terrorist has me walking up and down stairs. I have everyone fooled that I feel great. I have 3 x tubes removed from my tum and the dreaded, hated catheter goes too. I am having only paracetamol for the pain. To me this feels like good progress. I have visits from Mum & Dad, Rich and Max. Max brings me a special stone he picked out at the Natural History Museum. Big day and am knackered.
Day three post, down to earth with a thud. Can't stop crying. Feel hideous and wretched. Thinking what have I done??! I realise I am bent over like an old lady. My back hurts! My tummy hurts! Missing Finn so bad I can't even breathe. Richard comes to see me and I can't stop crying. He has a card from Finn for me - cry even more. The nurses tell me I need to take a chill pill, literally. They dose me up with Tramadol and for the next 12 hours I am flying. I feel like my body is lifting off the bed. I put on my ipod and drift away. Clutching Finn's card and Max's stone.
Day four post, wake up with a bit of a Tramadol hang over, but am okay. Manage to get up and have an awkward shower, keeping the dressings dry. I am going home today! Have one last thing to deal with (the last drain being removed) then I am free! I feel like I have come through the worst now. Just want to get home to my boys. It takes me, the nurse and Richard about 15 minutes to get me into my Spanx. Yes that's right Spanx! I have to wear Spanx for the next few weeks to keep everything in place and reduce the swelling. I thought the whole idea of a tummy tuck was you didn't need Spanx anymore! Hehehehe! Get home and it's great.
So here I am day five post. Having a very chilled day. Richard has taken the family out so I can have some peace and quiet. The pain is much less today. Also, I have more movement in my abdomen and can nearly stand up straight again. I look down and I see a pancake where my bowl full of jelly used to be. It will be interesting when the dressings come off next Thursday. Watch this space......



  1. Hello Jo!
    WOW! You have been through a rough time...
    I am sure it will be all worth it :)
    Please be kind to yourself and take it slowly, that's a big op you've come through.
    LOVE PEACE enJOY! Buying those Jeans x

  2. You sound like you really came from quite an experience. So congratulations that you’re back home! :D You’re right. After a week or so, you’ll see the effect of your tummy tuck gradually showing, and that would make you totally forget about everything you’ve been through. Try not imagining the details, by the way. :) It’s a thing to be thankful for that you seem to be recovering well. In the meantime, get yourself ready for welcoming a firmer tummy! :D

    Geoffrey Lelia

  3. It has been a month since your surgery. How are you feeling? I hope that everything is okay. :-) The initial abdominoplasty recovery phase lasts from several weeks to a month. It would be best to limit strenuous activities to hasten your recovery and to avoid injuring your abdomen. Light exercises are allowed but be sure to consult your surgeon regarding this matter.

    Terry Bayer

  4. There will always be pain in every surgery. This is why your doctor gave you important advice on how to make your recovery phase less painful. What you need to do is to follow all his instructions to the letter and you’ll definitely have a fast, easy, and hopefully, a bearable recovery.

    Judith Arends


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