Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lofty Perfection 2

Oh my goodness! My husband really does read my blog!
He spent today researching loft flats and came up with this gem in South Kensington.
If you have a spare 1.795 million (yikes) you can purchase this 2 bed flat.
I adore the kitchen and am very taken with the roof terrace. 
I still think my find pips him to the post though! 
Here while it lasts.



  1. Ok seriously... you gotta stop this now. I'm having crazy dreams where my family declare me missing and ring the police and wail and worry and all the while I'm watching them (reality tv style) on a telly... in a loft apartment... in Kensington!! Not good.

  2. whoah beautiful
    and yet i still prefer the
    rougher more authentic delight
    that you discovered...
    {btw took your kind advice
    and have opened a shop on etsy
    offering hand finished digital prints
    big thanks x ... ***]


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