Friday, 21 September 2012

Lofty Perfection

Dear Richard,
This is what I meant earlier when we were discussing buying a rental property.
Not Fulham, not Chelsea, some where edgy & cool!
This one is fetching £675 per week. Not bad for a one bed in SE1.
I can see our boys living here in 20 years time, can't you?
Of course they will have to fight it out over the bedroom.
More info here.
From your loving wifey. (Hehehehehehe!)



  1. Agreed Jo, this is way cool!

    Bless Ricardo, I think he is more fulham 'yummy mummy' than you ;)

  2. if i bought this
    i'd be obliged to
    live in it
    x ... ***

  3. oh jo.. this is a gorgeous flat... i want to live there! xxxx


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