Friday, 17 September 2010

Bon Voyage

Today my BEST London buddy left to move home to NZ.
We have known each other for almost exactly 2 years.
We met randomly one day when we were both buying coffee at our local cafe.
Just started talking, hit it off, swapped numbers.....
Now I can't imagine what London will be like without her here.
Thanks for everything Vic, it has been the biggest pleasure getting to know you. You are like family to me now. I know everything is gonna be great for you back in New Zealand.
Miss you you lots.

Vic & I being fabulous in Paris!!!


  1. Ohh...:( Isn't just wonderful when you just connect? I am sure you have lots of shared good times as your friendship blossomed...may you have many more years of friendship...The world is such a small place, when we have all this wonderful technology to keep in touch.
    I loove Facebook, for just popping in and out with liners...quick flick thru photo's etc. BUT Skypeeee! Love it!
    Lovely girly photo ;-) x

  2. Thanks Julie! You are sooooo right, and we will be moving back in a couple of years too. Not long! Have a great weekend!

  3. Good friends are so precious. Speaking of which...thanks for the recipe!
    B x


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