Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Home Inspiration!

Morning! How y'all doing today?
Richard and I are borderline obsessing about building our Raumati house at the moment.
I guess because we are stuck in a smallish two bedroom rented flat and everything in us wants to get stuck into a renovation or building project!
We are pretty much done on the design and planning stage and have our sketches and drawings ready to be sent to our NZ draughtsman, so exciting!
It was really difficult to pin down a design direction as we love so many different styles.
But when we saw this house on the Trade Me property website we were sold!

Of course our interior style is a little different to this, but I love the bare bones of this house. The windows, the proportions and the fact that from the outside the house doesn't look too imposing. Oh, and the marble! I loooove the marble!



    THE MARBLE MARBLE MARBLE I LOVE SOOO MUCH TOO - I WANT AS MUCH WHITE MARBLE AS I CAN GET IN MY HOUSE ONE DAY! Love the windows and LOVE the ceiling with white panelling - so EXCITED to come stay in the guest room one day!! X

  2. very grown up darling, I love it, I can see you totally rockin' it :)

    Isn't so great to have blogs, so we can see what each other is obsessing over!



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