Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Today is over!

There are some days when you just go to bed and say 'today is over!'
Yesterday was one such day......

1. Max got bitten by some kid at nursery.
2. Then I took Max for a haircut and the hairdresser SHAVED the sides of his head while I wasn't looking - I'm not even joking.
3. I spent hours making a soup and then accidentally dropped a dirty old dishcloth in it!
4. Then burnt my hand on the dirty soup.
5. And the zip broke on my fav pair of boots.



  1. Oh no, that post made me go "Aaaarrrgh!" just thinking about it! I hope today has been better for you - and Max. Would LOVE that recipe, thanks!
    B x

  2. ahh..know one of those days, it will be better tomorrow:) how is your son doing in nursery? just read your post...we are experiencing something similar now, today she cried the whole morning session:(...

  3. Darling so glad that DAY was OVER - not right!!! Who shaves the sides of a buba's hair anyway!! Burnt hand - ouch :( and zip also :( today looks better!!! X


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