Thursday, 16 September 2010

Girly coffee morning in Kensington Park.

Last week my lovely friends Danielle, Vic and I headed to Kensington Park to have a posh breakfast at L'Orangerie.
On the way there we windowed shopped in High St. Ken and feed the swans at the lake.
It was a misty day and the park felt moody & Autumnal......

There was a fab installation of archways around the park, I couldn't find anything to say who the artist was but they looked quite Rob Ryanish to me.....

Some of the goodies on offer at L'Orangerie, does it truly say £5.10 for a meringue?!

Gorgeous girls, Vic & Dan, with their gorgeous girls, India & Evie.....

Heading home we decided to grab a cab. We saw one pulling over just outside Waterstones and ran to jump in it, almost bowling over Nigella Lawson as she was getting out! She was having a book signing at Waterstones. Hooray for celeb spotting! A great morning had by all.


  1. its the perfect London day out!!!

    I miss London......

  2. Oh, that sounds like a glorious morning - topped off with a dash of Nigella; perfect!
    Love that archway with the keys. 5 pounds for meringue...reminds me why we moved out to the sticks ;O)
    B x

  3. Miss london seeing this fun - what great day babes! Love it!


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