Monday, 25 October 2010

Blah blah blaaaahh.....

Sorry for the rather juvenile title of this post.
It should probably be entitled waaaahhh waaahhh waaaahhh cos that's all I have been hearing for the last 4 days and nights!
Not that I blame the poor little mite.
His ears are very swollen and red according to the doc, as is his throat.
Antibiotics have been prescribed.
Sometimes I feel like I must be a bad Mother when I am sleep deprived and stressed out. I know at times like these I am a spectacularly BAD wifey. Sorry Rich for biting your head off earlier!
It's just that sometimes you get fed up.
Sometimes you need to have a little hissy fit, and then you kinda feel a bit better.
Anyway, just needed to unload, thanks for listening.


  1. Oh, you're welcome, not a problem ;-) Believe me, we all get like that from time to time and it doesn't make you a bad mother. Chill when you get a chance, take a walk in this beautiful weather (with big ear muffs for the little one)and have a big slice of chocolate cake - et voilà, the world is ok again ;-) Have a good week, Love from South of the River x

  2. I think we can all relate to this. Sometimes it is very hard. You have to be Florence Nightingale, but dealing with it full on for several days can be a tough one.

    I am exactly the same. When mine are ill, I can be good mum for the first day, then it starts to be draining, but you feel you can't moan about it or be seen to be a rubbish mother!

    Mine usually get ill on the day when something special is planned. Something I have been excitedly waiting to come and then I can't go/do it, because a child is ill. I REALLY have to bite it hard to not be cross and just be cuddly mummy! That's kiddiwops for you!

    When I need a little break, I make sure hubby looks after them for a while in the evening so I can have an uninterrupted hot bath with my ipod on and relax for a bit, then I feel able to tackle it all for a few more days!

    Cake is good too!

    Hope the little one gets better soon for you.

    Vanessa x


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