Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Foxy foxy

Good morning readers!
I am feeling chipper today, even after limited sleep and only one coffee in the tank so far.
Firstly, I have to say Happy Birthday to my buddy Andy (Pipkin in blogland).
I am so happy you are here (London).
Andy and I used to flat together back in NZ years ago and now he and his lovely girlfriend Helen live about 5 minutes walk from me. So great!
I saw the following photos over at Spitalfields Life and just had to share them.
They put a huge smile on my face and I know this is the kind of thing that Andy finds hilarious, so Pipkin this one's for you.......



  1. My dear friend Jo. Thank you so much for everything you, Rich and Max have done for us. We love you guys heaps. I am gonna look styley in my new scarf.


  2. BPS,

    Martin Usborne ( is awesome. My friend Anne went to the opening for his latest exhibition last week ( where dogs were welcome. Very cool

  3. heheheh, that took me a while to notice he was stuffed :) I always hear about foxes in the UK, how cute.


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