Friday, 8 October 2010

Embracing 'The Fall'

People who know me know, I am a gal who LOVES summer.
I am never happier than when I am bare foot, living outdoors, tanned and fancy free.
I have always felt a creep of dread as the nights begin to close in and I have to put away my flip flops for another year.
But this year seems different somehow.....Instead of dreading those short dark days, I am ready to embrace them. I am imagining myself cooking up warming causoulets for Richard and Max, sipping mulled wine after freezing cold walks and keeping busy with various craft and painting projects.
I have recently been inspired by autumn as seen on the big screen. Movies like 'When Harry Met Sally' & 'Love Actually' do those colder months so well.....

When Harry Met Sally style, super cute......

A golden day in London.....

Central Park NYC.....

Love Actually, a perfect moment......

I am embracing autumn!

P.s. Guess where we are heading back to in December???



  1. awww what a lovely post.
    I can smell those wonderful cassoulets and stews...
    Like the mulled wine too ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness jeaux - i totally understand where you are coming from. Only until last year did i embrace autumn and actually really enjoyed it. I did miss not wearing my jandals and winter really isn't my favourite time, but i did love the warm days and crisp evenings of autumn. The colours. The smells. All goodness to the soul.
    Enjoy the new season - will think of you on the beach :)


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