Thursday, 21 October 2010

You've got mail

Last night I watched You've Got Mail. It's cheesy, yes, but I love it!
Anyway, it got me thinking about mail.
I get quite a lot of mail living away from my home country.
It's the most exciting feeling to get an actual LETTER........

These images are inspiring me to ditch emailing and embrace the art of letter writing again!


  1. Yes, I miss the old-fashioned art of letter writing, it's so nice when you get a "proper" letter in the post. Love that "Plane Mail" and had actually planned to buy it when I saw it at the V&A - it's so cool :-) Have a lovely end of week, Love from South of the River x

  2. hi there, stumbled upon you and your charming blog. sadly the only letters i get are bills, and the only letters i send are sorry responses to utility, insurance, banks and b°°°°°k companies ; and these in my sorry written french! oh for an old fashioned love letter. pushed your 'follow' button so see you soon; Linda...

  3. I agree, its very nice to receive an actual letter. Its pity people dont do it anymore. Love your blog.

  4. I love getting letters too. In fact the last letter I got was from you - thanks! Which just goes to show how few letters I get (as that was a few weeks ago)! Still, I love your images - especially the little bundles of letters. Have a lovely week. B x
    p.s Was wondering where you get your fabric from?
    p.p.s I have found that if I get a train in to Euston and then a tube to Old Street, I could be in Columbia Road Market in under an hour - Yay!!!


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