Saturday, 9 October 2010

Saturday Morning Frolics at Fanny's Farm

Today we loaded up the car early and headed to Reigate to Fanny's Famous Farm & Shop. I had been promising Max all week that we would see sheeeeps and cows at the weekend and he had been diligently practicing his animal noises.
I don't know if it is really worth the trip. It's kinda cool. I liked all the displays of pumpkins. And Max did see sheep, but only from a distance and (reading one of the many signs) don't touch! I think Fanny has really missed a trick by not making the place family friendly and I was slightly shocked when I saw the crate of plastic wrapped pre-made scones being delivered! Even I can whip up a scone!
We made our retreat back to the car and drove straight to Barnes Farmers Market. I bought my usual basket plus fresh chicken pieces for my lovely chicken & veg soup.
Here are a few photos of our frolics.....



  1. Awww. I remember as a youngster going to the petting farm, happy memories..

    I also love the pumpkins :-)

  2. I spent a year living near Reigate, many moons ago.


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