Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dinosaur sightings!

Today there were strange sightings in the park......

Cor! Cor! Pterodactyl!

Max, always on the look out for new friends. Love that.

This sand pit rocks man, two thumbs up.

Spot the Kiwis - Max and I both in bare feet at the first opportunity.

Herbivores ganging up on the carnivore. Hehehehe.

Happy as a pig in mud.

Happy as a swinging monkey.

Just soooooooo happy spring is here!

Such a fabulous London day. This park is a 10 minute walk from home. I think we will be living here in summer. We had a much more successful outing this time. I even feel a little sun kissed!


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  1. Hej Jo!
    Barefoot in the park ...
    I LOVE days in LONDON parks...looks like fabulous fun!
    LOVE PEACE enJOY! your boys ;-D


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