Sunday, 18 March 2012

What we do - a sneak peek behind the hoardings....

Ever wondered what really goes on behind those pesky hoardings which seem to pop up in every street?
Here's a sneak peek behind the door of number 98, one of our latest projects.
We are digging a basement, adding a side return, extending the loft, it's a big job.
The walls of the house are all underpinned with concrete, then the soil is dug out by hand, chucked onto a conveyor belt, whizzed through the house and out into a skip.

I'm planning to post more photos of our work over the next little while.
I hope you find it interesting?


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  1. Gosh that is SO interesting darling, I didn't realise so much went into it!! Oh yes please, post more pics, I love reno in progress posts :) xx


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