Thursday, 1 March 2012

It was an 'experiment'.

So, I decided to pack the boys into the buggy and head to Fulham Palace for a picnic. The weather couldn't have been nicer. Actually feeling warm! Blossoms bursting forth and daffs everywhere. Nice.
We make it to the Palace in one piece. It's a 20 minute walk from home and Finn was letting rip. Funny how the crying seems a lot more muted in the great outdoors!
We find a table quickly and I tell Max to play while I feed Finn.
Boob is out, Finn still screaming and Max tells me he needs to poo like NOW. Arghhh!
I put boob away, scoop up screaming Finn and head into the Palace to find the loo.
I am telling you now, it is tricky lifting a hefty 3 year old onto the toilet with one arm while holding a baby in the other.
Job done and back to our table. Clearly our table, as our stuff was all over it. And yet somehow it had been taken over by a group of school children and their teacher. 'You don't mind, do you?'
Yup, I do a bit!
Grabbing Finns blanket I set up camp on the grass and try to breast feed without traumatizing the school kids. I tell Max to 'go explore'. He takes me very seriously and heads off into the trees. Eeeccckkkk! I can't see him anymore. Where the heck has he gone???
I put boob away again and start shoving all our gear into the buggy. I am just heading off into the trees, when I see Max. Phew! He is okay.
Back to our table now. Finally finish poor Finns feed. Waiting for someone to take our lunch order. I am literally sweating buckets and feel like I am about to faint from stress and low blood sugar. I spot the sign 'NO TABLE SERVICE' and nearly cry.
The rest of the day carried on in the same vein.......back home now and having a strong coffee and writing this to get it off my chest.
If this was an experiment, I think I may have failed it!



  1. It might not have gone according to plan, but you went OUT, and that is a massive achievement - I've got four weeks until I declare myself housebound, then I'll be coming back here for inspiration, ha!

  2. You got OUT with two kids 3 and under and no one got hurt. Win. I find the three year old alone is still a challenge so adding an infant to the mix is a truly heroic act. Just my opinion. ( and why do they always need to poop at the most inopportune times?)

  3. Oh boy, that was a test - but you did it! And it will only get easier, honest! I reckon you should give yourself a bloody good pat on the back and have a packet of chocolate biscuits with that strong coffee ;O)
    B x


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