Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thing of the week: Baby Bjorn

Ya know when your lil bundle is crying, crying, crying and just wants to be held? But your slightly larger bundle wants his dinner like NOW! Well you have only got one pair of hands right? So what do you do?
I bought my Baby Bjorn sling for Max 3.5 years ago. It was an essential piece of baby kit for me back then as Max had reflux so bad he basically had to sleep upright the whole time.
This time around it is proving invaluable again as I can carry Finn and be 'hands free', meaning Max may just get his dinner on time after all!

Me & Finn

A very tired Mummy & Max 3.5 years ago

Can I also take a minute to rave about their Babysitter bouncers??! I wish they made these in my size. Seriously! How comfy does it look?


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  1. Hej Jo

    Don't they have to be the best invention ever..!
    Have a wonderful Mothering Sunday


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