Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ten of the best - Plates

Oh la la!
Gotta love these fab dinner plates from Anthro.
(Anthropologie and I are are on first name terms now ha!)
I can't decide whether I like the poodle, the french man or the eiffel tower best.
Your meals will never be without a touch of Parisian whimsy. Depicting both the traditional and the kooky, these charming plates are Anthropologie exclusives from French designer Nathalie Lete.
They are all brilliant. Oui, oui I must have one of each!

My top ten plates all available at Anthropologie for around £24 each.

P.S. Okay I have decided I am actually in love with the 'Pomme' plate, the cute apple one. Sooooo do I get 6 of those or mix and match? Would love your feed back.
Merci beaucoup!


  1. They are all cute, but I LOVE the apple with the hungry caterpillar! Happy Humpday! Hugs, B x

  2. gorgeous plates honey! LOVE apple one too.. and the poodle and the flowers and butterfly.. reckon mix and match is so the way to go :) xxxx

  3. Hi, I love your post! I am in the midst of completing my collection of Nathalie Lete plates for my rehearsal dinner. I would love to be able to find the the bird and the mushroom plates you have posted. I am willing to pay generously for the plate. Would you be willing to part with it? Please email me at Thank you!


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