Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Swings & round-a-bouts of family life

A moment of calm and time to take in the last few days......

Max left for nursery this morning in a happy, sunny mood. Shouting 'I love you Mummeeeee' through the letterbox in the door.
I started reading Raising Boys last week. Chapter two hit me with the bombshell that I may have irreversibly damaged Max by sending him to nursery before his 3rd birthday. I spent the next couple of days closely watching him for signs of trauma. Feeling like the worst Mum in the world.

He seems okay.

Finn has been poorly. It's the saddest thing. A flu-like virus which has also given him an eye infection. Yellow weeping gunge oozing out, gluing his lids together. Boo.

He was very uncomfortable through the night. After a pretty exhausting night up with him I handed him over to Richard at about 5.30am. Moments later I hear shrieking and hooting from the kitchen. Finn had poo-ed himself so bad it had squirted out even his sleeve holes!!! It was in his hair and ears even! How did it get there???!!!! We are officially calling it the great poo flood of 2012.

Needless to say Finn is now coma-ed out in his bouncer chair. He looks pretty relaxed actually!

So what next?

Hopefully smooth sailing for the next few weeks as we prepare for our New Zealand trip. Definitely more getting out and about as the weather picks up. 18 degrees tomorrow!
Basically living and loving the chaos, mess, sickness, health, joy, extreme tiredness, extreme happiness of family life!



  1. Pffft, the only thing that damages children is not treating them properly, or not loving them enough - and it's as plain as the nose on my face that you do both in abundance! You have lovely boys, although I can sympathise with the great poo flood - when Benjamin was a baby and was minus a nappy, he decided to poo all over the bed, walls, curtains and window. What an aim they have! x

  2. Your two little boys are so adorable Jo. Max calling to you through the letterbox is just heart melting! Hope your poor little Finn gets well soon and that there are no more poo floods for you all (although it'll certainly be one of those family stories that will raise a smile in the future)
    Are you visiting NZ on hols or moving back? (I'd be interested in hearing how the travel goes with bubs in tow, if you get a spare 5 mins in your busy world to blog about the experience).
    Jo x

  3. Oh ... kay.. brace yourself! My name is Angy - I live in Perth, Australia, I (totally) lurve bunting, flowers, words and white... AND... I have a son... his name is MAX! AND... my blog is called Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String!!!! ???? :-) Now here's the crazier bit... Hubby and I are LONGING (and I mean achingly) to have an extended living adventure in the UK... we ADORE everything British. I was tickled pink when I found your blog! Definootly becoming a follower! Take care and hope your little one gets better soon! xx


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