Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Foodie crush

Last night I had the sublime pleasure of dining with Mr Gregg Wallace at his Putney cafe cum restaurant Wallace & Co.

Gregg was on fine form.

It was such a treat to meet someone who is so passionate about what they do.
Gregg was such an enthusiastic host. He talked to every single person in the room and answered question after question with boundless energy.

Some of his more memorable lines of the evening, delivered in typical Gregg gusto........

'Right you lot, anyone got any questions for me? Hair loss, weight loss, love and marriage?!'

'Yes, my wife did tell me I hold my fork like a toddler!'

'Show me someone who is not a food lover, and I will show you a corpse!'

It was so interesting to hear him talk about his friendships with John Torrode, Michel Roux Jr, Jamie O, Gordon, Hugh Hairy-Animal (Fernley-Whittingstall hahahaha!)

The food was simple but delicious. Tomato tartlet, potted duck, salmon with summer vege and lemon verbena hollandaise and a summer berry jelly with elderflower ice cream to finish.
For me the stars of the show were the veges fresh from Gregg's Surrey farm. Wow, I was waxing lyrical about peas and carrots, but honesty I had never tasted peas and carrots like this!

For more info on events coming up at W & Co. have a little looky at the website.

Thanks Gregg!

P.S. I can reveal in this Brown Paper & String exclusive.........Gregg Wallace's favourite pudding is..............Rhubarb Crumble!!!!!



  1. What a wonderful evening you must have had! Sounds like a great place. Thanks for telling me about it.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hej Jo
    OOH WOW!
    Sounds like and looks like it was a great evening.
    Thanks for sharing such a great gem!


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