Monday, 2 May 2011

The weekend recap....

What a nice weekend had by the Cardiff clan.

I am very happy to have my husband home after being 'lost at sea' for two weeks - yay!

The wedding on Friday was a good excuse to drink a midday Pimms at our local Crabtree Pub.
I got a little bit dressed up and donned a summer frock and my Nana's pearls.
(My Nana would have approved of Kate.)

Richard tres bronzed......

Trying to get a nice shot of Max and I, that was NEVER going to happen!

We also had two nights down in Hamble and did some exploring of the New Forrest.
What a beautiful area, especially Beaulieu.

Stupidly, I forgot my camera and even my trusty iphone was dead, so no pics, but we will head back there one day!

How did you all spend your long weekend?


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  1. MAX LOVED YOUR NANA'S PEARLS!!!!! Great post Joski of your glorious long wend....nice you got away too!!! Also great your 'back to school' how awesome, you'll be BRILLIANT as only you could be, your SO super crafty professional!!! I'm excited to hear how it goes babe!! MWAH X


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