Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Going for the chop!

Dear readers,
Here is your chance to really make a difference.....
Well not really, ha! But I could really use your advice.
Which of the following lovely but pretty short haircuts should I go for?
I am soooo over the long scraggly excuse for hair that sits on my head!
Bah! It's so over bleached and dried out.
I gotta get the chop.

1. Sienna

2. Jenna

3. Kirsten

4. Alicia (I think that's her name?!!)

5. Beautiful Asian lady

Votes please people!



  1. oohhh bum I'm terrible at decisions, I'd say 1 is my favourite, I'm in need of doing the very same to my own non event hair!xx

  2. I like number 3, pretty and natural... So weird, I'm actually thinking about the same thing right now - posted the question this morning - funny! Hope your week is good xo


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