Saturday, 21 May 2011

Weekend musings

Hello all.
Really loving these images found over at Parcel Post blog.

Quite keen to knock up some rosettes from old maps. I likey likey.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend?
I had high hopes for ours but have a sick baby (again) and working husband.
Sometimes I wonder if the two mornings a week Max does at nursery are worth the bugs he picks up?! Grrrrrrrr!

Looking forward to next week though.
I have the Chelsea Flower Show, dinner with Greg Wallace (Masterchef judge) at Wallace & Co. and my beloved upholstery course. Fun times London style.



  1. Hej Jo

    I'm have a great week ahead...would love to do the Chelsea Flower show, but will be in London a week too late ;-(. Hoping to get to Hampton Court this year though ...
    Have a great week ahead

  2. Hope the little one feels better very soon!
    Get you and your week ahead, dinner with Greg Wallace!:) Have a lovely time, hope the weather stays lovely for the flower show xx

  3. Hi lovely

    Oh poor Max e pad, the nursery is good for the monkey and mummy - they say they gain better immune systems from getting bugs young age - hmmmmm so hard tho, tough call!! Chelsea Flower show sounds awesome and your dinner w Masterchef JUDGE! Love that!

    I'm going to look up Wallace & Co - are we going there!?

    london styles I LOVE IT!!



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