Sunday, 8 May 2011

In it's raw state.....

My chair!
The chair for my upholstery course.....

It's a 1930's oak dining chair with quite lovely detail on it's back.....

My plan is to either sand it back to reveal the lovely oak and finish it with a clear varnish or paint it white and distress it a little. (Thinking option 2 is the way to go!)

The fabric I am using for the pad is by Ian Mankin on the Wandsworth Bridge Rd. A treasure trove of simple linen upholstery weight fabrics.

It's this grey Newbury linen.....

Bring on Wednesday night, I'm ready!



  1. its lovely darling. Normally I'd be all for the painting, but quite like the idea of sanding back to the oak and waxing, you could even lime wax to blond it down an bit. Go Ian Mankin, such a lovely range and tickings for Africa - swoon!

  2. Gorgeous piece! Can't wait to see it...x


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