Monday, 16 May 2011

Ship shape style

While things are conspiring to keep us in the UK for a while longer, my heart is still drifting to my little seaside cottage in NZ.
Maybe I have idealized it so much it will be a major let down when I finally see it again.
Or maybe it's just as perfect as I remember?
These pics have me thinking all over again about 'Nautical' as a theme and how very much I LOVE it.
My hubs has a wooden dinghy at home, do you think I will be able to persuade him to install it above the bed?



  1. It's a timeless look isn't it, calm and fresh looking. That boat looks great but I wouldn't be brave enough to sleep near it!
    Whether you're in the Uk or NZ I hope you're always happy!:) xx

  2. Thank you! You're so sweet. Yes love nautical. Need to stop buying models of boats though!!!

  3. Ah you know what they can never have enough models of boats! ok they don't say that, but I'm sure it's true!;D x

  4. I would really like a house with this sort of interior - it's beautiful, simple, natural and elegant. However, it simply wouldn't work in London I think, so I'll have to keep dreaming of moving somewhere sunny - yes, even sunnier than here ;-)Have a great week xo


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