Friday, 6 May 2011

Mothers Day

My Mumma & Baby Max

Dear Mum,

Happy Mother's Day!

I wish I could be with you today, but I am glad you will be having a lovely time with Dad at the Lake.
Just wanted to say a huge I LOVE YOU and THANKS.
Thanks so much for being the best Mum. I am only just starting to realize all that being a Mum entails. And you did it three times over. Respect!

I remember being so proud when I was little that you were the 'face' of Y.F.C. and had your picture on the side of a bus. My Mum the beautiful.
I remember when I was 20, moving into that crazy warehouse flat and you came and cleaned and cleaned, so it would be at least slightly livable!
Thank you for being so forgiving when I told you I had lost Grandma's watch, I stewed about that one for years, and you took all the stress away by saying it was OK.
Thank you for letting us kids move home about a million times, even in our 30's!! Eeeeck!
Thank you for loving and welcoming Richard into the family.
Thank you for being the BEST Grandma to Max.
Thanks for ringing me heaps and saying you miss me (Miss you too!)
I think you are amazing.

I know I was a difficult baby, toddler, child, teenager BUT can I make it up to you now? Hehehe!

Love you soooo much Mumma.

Your Jo


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